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You may have heard them at a local simcha. Or at a yeshiva dinner. Or even at the Celebrate Israel parade. Professional, energetic and talented to the max, Sheer Simcha is a musical entertainment group specializing in Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, that lives up to its name, featuring joyous music that literally brings listeners to a state of sheer happiness.

Founded six years ago by Aaron Shlagbaum after he relocated from Toronto to North Jersey, Sheer Simcha has its roots in a cappella but since then has expanded its offerings to include every style of music imaginable. From Chasidic to Moroccan, from Sefardi to traditional, from Israeli to secular, Sheer Simcha plays it all, customizing the music to suit each and every event.
And with DJs that have experience from everything to playing clubs and catering to the yeshiva crowd, Sheer Simcha has the A-list players to suit every client’s preferences.

As a local resident who has his finger on the pulse of North Jersey residents, the 38 year old Shlagbaum has the unique ability to capture the flavor of the local crowd, allowing him to choose the most appropriate musicians for each event. Tasteful, appropriate and always orchestrated to perfection, Sheer Simcha offers the highest quality music at a price to fit any budget. Whether they are performing as a one man band or a full orchestra, Sheer Simcha literally lives up to its name.

Visit Sheer Simcha online at or contact them at or at 646-522-3581.

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